Dars’ Guide to Lisbon & Sintra Part I

There is absolutely no easy way to describe Portugal. It really does have everything any traveller could want. Spending just a little over a week in Lisbon & Sintra. I’ve gotten to see only a sliver of it’s beauty. However, with so much to see in beautiful Portugal, it is important to be prepared for your trip and have a plan. Below are some tips based on my travel to Lisbon & Sintra.


Dars Review: Maybelline MasterBlush Colour and Highlight Kit

Finding a great blush palette is difficult. You’re really looking for a set that will give you a lit from within, natural glow. Nothing too streaky or too sparkly. The Maybelline MasterBlush Colour & Highlight Kit achieves just that at a great price. First of all the colours. The palette provides 3 blush colours of varying shades as well as one highlighter. Between the three colours, you are sure to find one you are absolutely going to love. It really is a fantastic incorporation of both warmer and cooler shades with just a hint of shimmer to brighten your complexion…


Dars Review: NeoStrata Skin Renewal Peel Solution & Cleaning Foaming Water

Walking into Sephora or even Shoppers is often overwhelming. I love a beautiful packaging and am always curious to try new brands. NeoStrata is one of the brands I’d often see in stores and that really peaked my interest. A couple months ago I got an amazing opportunity to try their products and I cant wait to share with you all the details!


Dars Review: The Body Shop- Drops of Light

There is absolutely no girl that doesn’t want to have glowing, radiant skin. That’s why every single commercial out there promises you that their product will result in healthier looking skin. Finding a product that actually helps you achieve that goal however is fairly difficult.

The summer is soon approaching which means one thing. Less make up. With the weather heating up I always try to avoid wearing more make up and follow a more natural beauty routine….


Dars Review: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #1

The Yves Saint Laurent lipstick has been on my wish list for quite some time now. Everything about the packaging made me love it and the YSL engraved bullet screamed perfection. The only factor that held me back was the price. Finally, I’ve made the decision to invest in the product and I couldn’t wait to review it! The colour range is stunning and I had a very difficult time picking out the shade I wanted. In the end, the classic red is what stuck out to me the most. Below is my review of the stunning Le Rouge #1 lip stick…


Dars Review: Too Cool for School Egg Cream Masks

Eggs have always been a key ingredient in home made products whether it be for skin, hair or even nails. Eggs whites alone are known to result in numerous benefits including tightening and shrinking of pores, reducing oiliness of skin, and helping get rid of black heads. As such it comes to no surprise that a mask featuring ingredients such…… Continue reading Dars Review: Too Cool for School Egg Cream Masks