Dars’ Guide to Barcelona Part I

A couple months ago I visited Barcelona and I immediately fell in love.

The first day we arrived at around 9am and as such had a full day to explore Barcelona. After finding out hotel and unpacking we went for lunch (because after all, food is a priority). We went to a small restaurant called Bilbao Berria. This restaurant is great for having your first taste of tapas. It’s essentially a buffet where you can pick whatever you like and as much as you want. Each plate of food you pick up comes with a little wooden stick. The sticks are counted at the end of the meal by the waiter to determine your total bill. Generally each plate costs around the same price, ranging from 1 to 3 euros.

We then went to Catedral de Barcelona. The Cathedral certainly gets far less attention than the Sagrada for example. However, from my understanding it is the oldest Cathedral in Barcelona, with the nave built between 1298-1448. It costs about 7 euros to enter the Cathedral however there are certain time points during which entry is free. For example, entry is free after 5:30pm. Unfortunately, you still have to pay 3 euros per person to access the bell towers during these time slots. I highly recommend going up to the bell towers as they provide a fantastic view of Barcelona!

The next day we went to Sagrada Familia. Sagrada is the one place you have to see in Barcelona. In fact, Sagrada is often listed as one of the few places you have to see during your life ( per buzz feed articles). Construction of the temple began back in 1882 and has still not finished. In fact, it is expected that construction will only be finished in 2026. I highly recommend buying tickets for Sagrada in advance either through your hotel or through their official website. I’ve seen numerous comments from travellers indicating that they were unable to enter the temple because they did not purchase the tickets in advance. Sagrada offers numerous options for your visit, including a basic ticket, audio tour, guided experience, and top views. I would highly recommend the guided experience. The history of Sagrada is rich and the outside of the building is designed to summarize the bible from beginning to end. It is nearly impossible to truly capture and understand all of the intricate details of the temple without a guide. The guided experience does not provide access to the towers, but considering the towers are still under construction, I don’t think you would be missing out on much. Overall, the guided tour runs for approximately an hour though I’d recommend budgeting additional time for walking around the site after the guide is finished.

Dars’ Guide to Barcelona Part II Coming Soon 🙂

Stay tuned!





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