Dars Loves: Wool Coats

One of my closest friends recently told me that she is on a search for a new wool coat. However, the problem is that most places sell wool coats for around $250 and up. Here’s the thing. A wool coat is an investment piece and a wardrobe staple. Not only is it essential for the fall but it can also save you during the winter. Trust me, I’ve tried wearing a parka over a Christmas party dress and well that ruined the whole look. But wearing a wool coat over your dress when you are going to be taxing after the party and won’t face the harsh Canadian winds anyways? Perfect.

I bought my wool coat 3 years back at Club Monaco and it’s still in perfect condition and likely to last multiple years into the future. Nor will it be going out of style anytime soon as it is the classic and sophistical camel colour. While it may have cost around $300 at the time, considering it’s lasted 3 years, that’s around a $100 investment per year. Not bad at all when you think about it this way right?

When it comes to wool coats, invest! And that’s exactly what I told my friend. It’s a piece you will be wearing often. In fact, I wear mine pretty much everyday during the fall! However, make sure to be smart about the investment. This means you need to consider the following:

  • Versatility – Are you able to wear it with different looks and often (thus decreasing the cost per wear). Ie. Are you buying a classic colour such as camel or are you purchasing a bright red statement jacket?
  • Trendy Vs. Staple – Don’t get me wrong I love the current trends. The marble look has me swooning. But would I invest in a jacket that has a marble design? Probably not. Always, always choose classy over trendy. Classy never goes out of style.
  • Research – Always research before you buy, especially when it comes down to large purchases. Browse through websites and compare prices as well as materials. I bought a trench coat recently from Club Monaco that is almost identical to that of Burberry and saved a ton. It may be missing the classic Burberry lining on the collar that I do love, but hey you wear scarves during the fall anyways.
  • Time – It’s a good idea to time the purchase of your investment pieces. Right now may not be the best time to buy a new wool coat given the fact that they are high in demand given the weather. The ideal time to buy an item is when the seasons are switching and the item is no longer in demand. For example, now is an ideal time to buy a trench coat. With the rainy season ending and the frost weather alerts being issued, people are abandoning their trench coats for warm winter jackets. (Side note, you can now buy an amazing denim trench coat for $199, originally priced at $359).

Hope this helps! Stay tuned for more 🙂

-Toast to Glam



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