Everyday I’m Hustlin’: Dars’ Guide to Protecting Your Skin

Life is hectic and busy. Whether you are in school, working or even a stay at home mom, there’s always something happening in your life. Unfortunately, all of the stress takes a huge toll on your skin. And for women who aren’t all that into wearing too much make up, that’s a problem. While getting the required 8 hours of beauty sleep may not be possible, here are a couple of tips and tricks you can use to keep your skin beautiful and clear:

A) Clean your cell phone with antibacterial wipes- This will help prevent the possibility of chin and cheek breakouts. The goal is to do this on a daily basis, but aim for at least once a week!

B) Use a separate towel to dry your face and hair – Hair can get oily (let’s take a moment to thank the creator of dry shampoo) and the last thing you want is that oil in your skin.

C) To reduce puffiness massage moisturizer into your skin before putting on make up. ( This also makes it easier to put on foundation!)

D) Wash your make up brushes on a weekly basis – Make up stuck on the brushes clogs your pores. PS. This is an extremely relaxing activity.

E) Give time for your skin care products to work – I know, I know. It’s disappointing when you buy a new product, try it on, and well no results. But the truth of the matter is, your skin needs time to get used to the new regime and for the product to truly take effect. Research shows that it takes approximately six weeks for a product to truly start working! Stick to the regime! (Unless you notice you may be having an allergic reaction.)

Speaking of products, here are a couple of products I absolutely cannot survive without:

Origins Retexturizing mask with Rose Clay – This mask is heaven for the skin. Made with jojoba beads & rose clay this mask leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, and gives it a natural glow.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser – Another incredible product. Trust me when I say I tried all kind of “scrubs” and saw no impact at all. This is great scrub for exfoliating your skin. Added bonus is the amazing refreshing smell mmmm!

Origins GinZing Refreshing Face mask to wake up tired skin – Now this one I can’t seem to find on their website (to provide you guys with a link) but I still see it in stores. If you see it, grab it right away! Made with coffee beans and cucumbers this product is great for waking up your skin and restoring it when it feels dull or tired. This is the very first product I tried from Origin way back in the day and I have been a huge fan ever since.

Have you tried any of these or have other products you’d recommend using? Make sure to comment, like, follow and stay tuned for more posts! Thanks for reading  🙂





One thought on “Everyday I’m Hustlin’: Dars’ Guide to Protecting Your Skin

  1. The scrub cleanser sounds great! May have to pick up a bottle for myself. (:
    A great product I’ve been loving is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser to help reduce my hyper-pigmentation. It’s super gentle but works well.

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