Dars Loves: Wool Fringe Wraps

If you live in Toronto, you will understand me when I say the weather has been nothing but odd. Picture this. Middle of October but it’s 23 degrees. The next day its suddenly 2 degrees. From sunshine to rain showers, the weather has been playing with our emotions. The problem with all these changes is that we are left confused about what to wear and how to stay warm through out the week.

One thing that I always keep on me these days is my wrap. A wrap is a great way to spice up your outfit and move away from the typical cardigan. Likewise, you can easily throw one in your bag, and it won’t get ruined or folded.

Often times, I just keep a wrap in the office. Wrapping one around yourself when working? It feels amazing. You really feel like you are back in the comfort of your bed and covers, meanwhile still looking like you actually belong in the work environment.

My absolute favourite wrap is the one featured in these images. With its bright blue colours it goes perfectly with any outfit while still adding a nice pop of colour.

I bought this wrap a year ago from Portalano and the exact wrap isn’t available on their website. However, I did find it at Nordstrom on sale for $49.97! Nordstrom also has the same wrap in navy colour for $49.97.  By the way, that’s 60% off its original price! Nordstrom seems to be selling these quickly so I highly recommend also checking out Portalano themselves. They currently feature numerous very similar products available this year in multiple colours including bright blue, lilac, mint green & powder blue.

Thanks for reading & make sure to stay tuned for more posts!




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