Dars Mini Lush Haul

I never really shopped at Lush. My mom always buys her beauty necessities at Shoppers Drug Mart and that’s what I’ve grown accustomed to. Thankfully one of my close friends recently decided that I really need to expand my horizons and look beyond Shoppers.

Let me tell you. My friend’s skin is flawless. And I’ve always wondered how she does it. Apparently one of her secrets is Lush. My friend has fairly sensitive skin that tends to react to all the toxins you often find hidden in the ingredients list of products and she swears that Lush is the solution to all her problems. “If Lush closed down, I don’t know how I’d live” she says. Soo hearing these words, I decided to give Lush a chance. And now I’m in love.

First of all, I love the idea behind Lush. The fact that all products are made in small batches, by hand, using vegetarian only ingredients is incredible. And you can really tell this is true. Often times you end up buying beauty products that are made with ingredients like cucumbers or strawberries. Yet mysteriously these products have  a 2 year product life and dont need to be refrigerated. With Lush, most of their products need to be refrigerated because there are no additives that would help support or extend the life of the products. Moreover, most of them have a fairly short life of about 3 weeks because they are so fresh and are made of fruits & vegetables. The short product life would appear to be fairly concerning for the budget shopper in us. However, the product bottles all come in a fairly small size (meaning you aren’t throwing any product out) and are relatively inexpensive, making becoming a Lush fan fairly easy.

The added bonus is that if you find that one of their products isn’t working for you, they will accept your return. Even if the product is already used, the Lush team is committed to ensuring you are purchasing products that work well with your skin.

The following are the products that I bought from Lush and my review of them:

Joy To The World Wrapped Gift – With Christmas coming up, Lush is releasing a beautiful collection of wrapped gifts of various size and prices. With their beautiful packaging, these make a perfect gift for your loved ones and a nice surprise to add to their Christmas stockings. This gift priced at $16.95 includes two products – Dream Cream Body Lotion as well as a Snow Castle soap. These two are a gift. As the weather gets colder, my skin tends to become dryer and applying make up becomes a more difficult task than necessary. The Dream Cream Body Lotion is perfect for fighting dry skin. Made with ingredients such as oat milk, rose water & cocoa butter, the lotion really is joy wrapped up in a pretty little package. One thing I tend to hate about creams and lotions is their oiliness. The Dream Cream Body Lotion isn’t oily at all, making it easy to text, work, snack right after putting the lotion on. The Snow Castle soap is equally great for the skin and has an amazing almond scent.

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask – Made with ingredients such as mashed bananas, ground almonds & oats, this mask is perfect for dry skin. It’s a little tough to apply given its thickness (owing to the bananas) but it makes the skin feel hydrated almost immediately. Also smells incredible! (Some people say it smells like cookie dough).

Stardust Bath Bomb –  I have a bit of a mixed feeling on this product. While it has an incredible vanilla smell, it fizzled out extremely quickly and really didn’t put on a show. It also didn’t do much to the water itself. It made the water a slightly baby blue colour but didn’t make it have a more creamy/ lotion like texture that I love about bath bombs. It was a nice surprise however that once the bath bomb fizzled out, a few little stars came out of it. Recommended given it’s price and smell but not a “you absolutely have to try this one” product.






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