Dars Loves: Kendall + Kylie Heels

I work in business which pretty much means that heels are a must. Especially black heels. Oddly enough a basic such as black heels is often difficult to find. Life experience shows that the moment you actually need to find something, it suddenly disappears from the stores. And plain black heels are no exceptions. Too short a heel, too high a heel, too pointy of a toe, too open, the list of complaints can go on forever. Surprisingly, the pair of heels that I bought most recently and am currently in love with is under the Kendall + Kylie brand name.

Now, whenever I see shoes come out under the name of a public figure, I grow a little skeptical. I mean what do some of these actors or dancers really know about how to design a proper and most importantly comfortable shoe? With the Kendall + Kylie pair of heels that I’ve purchased though, I found them extremely comfortable and well designed. The shoes are also selling for a fairly reasonable price of $168. I find that $110-$180 is a fairly average price for any branded pair of shoes such as Michael Kors for example.

What I like the most about the heels is that they stay true to their promise of being a combination of the refined femininity represented by Kendall and the dynamic edge of Kylie. While the heels keep to a fairly simple and classic pointed toe look, they also have a really unique curvy topline.

Overall, having worn these shoes on a daily basis for a couple of the past few months, I can definitely say these shoes are a must. Simple, elegant, with a unique touch, and perfect for any occasion. It’s a win-win for my feet & my wallet.

Pst. If you find these a little bit too pricey for your current budget or aren’t a fan of the fabric material, you can also find the same shoes but in leather, currently selling at Nordstom for only $77.96. Make sure to click the orange links within this post to shop the look!







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