The Seven Things I Learned At 22

Don’t get me wrong. I love fashion & beauty. But I also want to use this blog to reach out to you as my reader. It honestly amazes me every time I review my blog statistics & see that you guys are reading from all over the world. The US, Japan, Canada, & United Kingdom. I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting my little blog & helping me do what I love.

Life is a series of lessons and trust me when I say this – I keep learning something new everyday. Thus, I hope that while you use my blog to learn a little about beauty & fashion, you also take away some lessons from my own life experiences, mistakes & joys.

So here goes!

One of my favourite bloggers is Chelsea Briche & she recently made a post about the 27 things she learned before she turned 27. I loved her post because it was oh so relatable. It made me remember things, smiling at some & cringing at others. Given that my birthday is coming up in a couple of days I thought I’d follow in Chelsea’s footsteps & share with you the seven (otherwise I’d be writing you a novel) lessons I learned at 22.

Please feel free to grab a bottle of wine because this will be getting sappy & cheesy rather quickly.

1.Do not settle.

The hardest thing about being in the 20s is that you basically have ten years to get your life perfect. It’s almost like an unsaid rule or expectation that by 30 you are in charge of a career you love, engaged to a handsome hunk & are a proud owner of a lovely property. There is a lot of pressure on you in your twenties because everyone around you is in the same boat and getting their life together. However, you have to remember one key thing – this is not a race. Do not settle (whether that means for a mediocre relationship, a unfulfilling job, etc). Take your time and find yourself.

2. Trust yourself.

You know when you have that feeling in your gut telling you that something is wrong. It is almost always 100% right. Trust yourself. The little voice inside your head? Yeah, it’s telling you all the things you know but are trying to ignore.

3. You do you girl.

Repeat with me ladies – I will not compare myself to anyone else. Now, say this a couple more times and keep it in your head. Write it down. Make a sticky note. We are all confused messes somehow navigating through this beautiful thing called life. Comparing yourself to anyone else is the worst possible thing you could do. Everyone seems put together when you look at their social media. Everyone seems to have their life together when you talk to them. Very few people will spill their soul to you and tell you everything they go through on a daily basis. Work on yourself & never strive to be like some else.

4. Life goes on.

Remember that time you went through what you thought would be the worst thing to have happened to you? When you sobbed your heart our for weeks, asked why this had to happen to you and forgot what you look like without eyes so puffy you barely see? Yeah those times happen. It may come in many forms. You may have your heart-broken, you may lose someone, or life might make a turn that you didn’t even expect at all. Whatever it is, life goes on. That is one thing I can absolutely promise you. I remember going through this and for the first time recognizing what people mean they say you feel your heart-break. Guess what? You move on. It may take a couple of days, weeks, or even months. But however long it takes, your life will eventually fix itself and you will be oh so happy once again. Stay strong girls. Go out with your friends, pick up the hobbies you always wanted to find time for, and do you. Everything else will fall into place when it needs to. And 100% you will be laughing at these memories pretty soon.

5. It is not always your fault

Remember that time you decided to not study for an exam or completely forgot to send an email to a client? Yeah, those two are your fault. But how people treat you and the ways they will hurt you? That is absolutely on them and never, never on you. Trust me when I tell you this. When someone breaks your heart for example, the first thing you start doing is wondering what you did wrong. Was I too clingy? Did I listen to too many people? Was I supposed to act some other way? Girl, you did everything right. The way someone acts and treats you is on them. What you do, that’s all you. No one ever has any excuse for hurting you, lying to you, mistreating you or any other horrible thing you can think of. No excuses and it is certainly never your fault. Pat yourself on your back for getting over this sad memory, for staying true to yourself the whole time, & move on.

6. Bye bye comfort zone.

Staying in your comfort zone? Nice and comfy. But it definitely doesn’t get you anywhere. Try new things, meet new people & explore different opportunities. I’ve always loved trying new things but sometimes my own fear held me back. Fear of being judged, fear of being not good at something, I fear it all ladies & gents. This blog for example? It took me multiple months to decide to pursue it. What would my friends think if I got to a lovely total of 0 followers & 0 people reading the blog? Who cares what people think. Writing this blog has turned out to be one of my favourite activities. Starting cooking school turned out to be another amazing opportunity (minus the fact that I cut myself the very first class). Whatever it is, step outside the comfort zone. There are better things waiting for you outside it, I promise. And if it doesn’t work out? You tried. That’s something a lot of people won’t even bother to do.

7. Love.

Love yourself. Love your friends. Love your family. Love life. There are a million and thousand other things to be grateful for each single day. Like the fact that your mom packs you lunch? Or the fact that you finally got to buy that bag you had your eye on for two years? Appreciate everything and everyone. As every year goes by and your life goes through more and more ups and downs, you’ll recognize just how much your family & friends stand by your side as well as how great life really is. Plan some things, wing some things, live, learn & smile.



7 thoughts on “The Seven Things I Learned At 22

  1. This is a great list, Daria! It’s always inspiring to read young blogger’s blogs. I definitively feel you on each lesson, but #1 and #5 hit home. I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to get as much done as I could in my 20’s. Heck, I do this now that I’m in my 30’s .And, remember that not everything is your fault is an important lesson to remember. We have to give ourselves grace and honor. It’s okay to be emotional, but we do need to hold our heads up high and move on. Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday!


  2. These are really really important lessons, and at 22 it is very wise of you to recognize them and apply them to your life. There are so many more lessons to come… Some wonderful, some difficult.. But it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and the right attitude to roll with the punches and learn everything you can from it. You rock!


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