Dars Loves: Michael Kors – Clara Leather Boots

{I’m going to begin this post by warning you all that I’ve had these boots for two years and well they’ve been through a lot. Due to strong damaging the featured image may not be suitable for passionate shoe lovers. Viewer discretion is advised.}

After wearing these boots for two years I can tell you with confidence that I love them. They have a beautiful point toe, a sturdy stiletto heel, & a side zipper that makes your whole look extremely polished. In fact, I’ve worn these boots with pretty much anything and for every possible occasion. They pair perfectly with jeans on a casual date, a pencil skirt for a work day & even with a knee-length dress for a special occasion.

My Clara boots (a part of an older 2015 collection) are a dual combination of soft leather & suede. However, for 2016 Michael Kors has changed their shoe line and made two separate boots. The first set of boots is completely leather and is called “Dawson Leather Boots“. The second set is called the “Dawson Suede Boots” and the boots are completely suede.The boots have an identical design to that of the Clara boots with the point toe and the size zipper but they do feature only one type of fabric.

Now while the new Michael Kors design is stunning, there really is something special about the duel combination of leather and suede that was featured in the Clara boots. Thankfully Browns brought back the 2015 Michael Kors Clara Boots & they are now selling for $239.98 (31% off original price).

These boots are definitely a bit more on the pricier side even with the sale, however, they are certainly worth the investment. As a proud shoes-aholic, I can tell you that the quality of Michael Kors shoes never ceases to amaze me. Theses shoes are beyond comfortable (surprising given the fact that they have a stiletto) & I have even managed to dance in them (at a club mind you) for 5 hours straight. For anyone interested in a simple black knee-length boot that is sure to last for multiple seasons, these boots are an absolute must.

Pst. Don’t forget to click on the orange links to shop the looks 🙂


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