This is not a rehearsal

I’m probably the biggest sap in the world that you will ever meet. Hence, it’s no surprise that when I first watched “Me Before You”, I cried for way too many hours to count. However, it wasn’t necessarily the romance part of the story that hit me. Rather it was the beautiful life lesson of the movie. “You only get one life. It is actually your duty to live it as fully as possible”.

This one quote has so much meaning & is so applicable to each and every one of us. Think back on the past couple of months. How many times have you told yourself, “it’s okay, I’m very busy now, maybe I should wait a couple of months before I take on this opportunity”. Or better yet, how many times have you told yourself, “maybe I shouldn’t go for this opportunity. I’m fairly comfortable where I am now.” The problem is that too often we forget that we have to enjoy life now. Remember, this is not a rehearsal. Live to the fullest, now and now only.

Hustle, pursue the opportunities you want, & make the necessary changes. If there is one thing I learned over the past few years of my life is that there will always be something that interferes with your plans. Life doesn’t get easier, it only gets busier. And sometimes it takes the most unexpected turns imaginable.

We all make excuses. We tell ourselves stories about how hard this year is for us, and that next year will definitely be the year for change. And don’t worry. I’ve done it too. Take this blog for example. I’ve always considered the idea of blogging and operating a fashion, beauty & lifestyle focused instagram account but didn’t really get around to doing so until about a month ago. The main reason is because I always felt like there wasn’t enough time. There didn’t seem to be enough time available to take the photos, edit them, make the posts, etc. I’ll do it next year, I’ll do it after busy season I’d tell myself. Excuse after excuse. The funny thing is that once you start pursuing a specific activity, you somehow end up making time for it. Hey, I’ve definitely lost a couple of hours of beauty sleep in the process, but somehow it all works.

So for you my readers & viewevers, who give me the inspiration to keep posting everyday & to keep sharing the little moments of my life, thank you. I couldn’t have done this without you. But, I do hope that you also find the time and motivation to pursue whatever you really wish to do. It’s your duty to yourself to live life as fully as possible. Remember, once upon a time, you were a little girl with big dreams that you’d promise you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself beautiful.


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