Dars Loves: Audaviv Jewellery

Finding good quality accessories in Toronto is fairly difficult. There really is only a small number of stores that actually specialize in jewellery. Most of the time you are forced to buy bracelets and necklaces from clothing stores that just happen to carry jewellery. For example, a lot of my friends usually buy their jewellery from Forever 21. Hence, whenever I travel to America I end up stocking up on a ton of bracelets from one of my favourites – Henri Bendel.

However, recently I’ve discovered an online store called Audaviv and let me tell you-I’m in love. As of now the Audaviv operations are based in Germany, so if you living in Canada, you will have to order online. However, you are in for a treat. The little pink box that I received in the mail was nothing short of adorable and opening up the box, I felt pretty much like a child on Christmas morning.

Audaviv carries a number of independent designer brands. So, if you do a huge haul like me, your pink box will be filled with a number of small packages of different size, colouring, and wrapping, each based on the designer you are purchasing from. I definitely felt too excited opening each one of them up!

I’ve been posting some pictures of the haul recently on my Instagram but this is the complete listing of the products I’ve bought:

  1. Kiss The Star Bracelet – This bracelet I wear everyday both to work and when spending time out with my friends. I love the simplicity of it. In fact, the silver satin thread reminds me of the friendship bracelets that all of us have or had at some point as kids. The little star attached to the ribbon is also a nice touch. I was slightly worried about purchasing about this bracelet since it’s made out of a satin ribbon. I have very small wrists so finding bracelets that actually fit me is difficult. However, the ribbon was really easy to adjust to fit my wrist and truly does fit all sizes.
  2. Upper East Side Bangle – Bangles are one of those things that I love on other people but can never pull off myself. The problem of tiny wrists strikes again. However, seeing the rose gold simple and delicate bracelet, I couldn’t resist it. With a really easy adjustment this bangle some how magically fit me and I’m officially in love. The bangle really is representative of me and my style – simple, chic and delicate.
  3. Pearl Bracelet – Pearls are one of my favourite things in the world. Put simply, pearls are timeless and sophisticated, making any outfit complete. This pearl bracelet is interestingly enough the very first piece of jewellery that I saw on the Audaviv website and the reason for which I decided to explore them further. Handmade in Berlin, featuring a freshwater pearl, this bracelet is incredibly delicate and a perfect addition to any jewellery box.
  4. Delicate Circle Necklace– I’m not a fan of chunky necklaces. I love a very simple and clean look. Finding a necklace that fits this criteria and looks great on a plain turtleneck for example can be difficult. This necklace is perfect for a minimalist like myself. Simple, delicate and just right for an everyday look.
  5. Cube Bangle – Seeing as I already caved and ordered the Upper East Side Bangle, I had to get this one too. Wearing one single bangle by itself just doesn’t seem right. I love when people are crafty with their jewellery and are able to stack. The sleek design of this bangle is quite nice and makes it perfect for wear with any outfit. It may not necessarily be the centre of attention as would be the case of the Upper East Side Bangle, but it is definitely a nice classic piece to add to the collection.

Thanks for reading and make sure to use my code WQAT6 to get $10 off on any $50+ purchase! Discount code expires December 15th!



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