Dars Loves: Smashbox For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed Palette

I’ve always hesitated about buying lip palettes mainly because of their sizes. It also generally tends to feel as if only 2/5 colours included in any chosen palette are flattering and suited to my tastes. However, when I first saw the Smashbox 25 Years Limited Edition Lip Palette, I immediately fell in love.

Celebrating its twenty fives years, Smashbox released this collectible palette of 25 lip sticks in their most coveted creamy and matte shades. With 25 different colours included, this palette provides endless opportunity for you to try out different looks. For instance, while it includes lighter more natural shades of pink that I would use on a daily basis, it also features brown and darker purple shades that I wouldn’t have ordinarily invested in under regular circumstances. However, seeing as these shares were included as part of the package I was able to give them a try and do a little bit of experimenting. Surprisingly, a number of these shades were extremely flattering. The great thing about this palette is that the colours aren’t as intense as they first seem. They blend well with the natural colour of your lips when applied, making it easy for you to build on the colours if desired.

Applying the lipsticks using the brush also turned out to be way easier than expected. I always struggle with applying bold coloured lipsticks mainly due to the fact that I don’t particularly love lip liner. A lot of the times I’ve noticed that lip liner tends to rub off quicker than lip stick itself creating an interesting moustache effect. However, avoiding lip liner altogether makes lipstick application extremely difficult as I for the love of my life cannot stay within the lines of my lips. All of these issues were resolved when using the included Pro Lip Brush.

I also found that the lip sticks included in the palette have an incredible smell and smooth texture. Generally speaking, the lip sticks I use ( especially matte ones) tend to dry out my lips. The lip sticks included as part of the palette however were extremely moisturizing and soft on the lips.

In terms of portability, I also didn’t experience much of an issue with this palette. While it is certainly not suited for a small clutch, the palette fits quite nicely in most of the bags I wear on a regular basis, making post-lunch touch ups at the office quite possible and easy to do.

Overall, while the palette as a whole is on the pricier side, I’d highly recommend it for any make up enthusiast. With its large mirror, a professional brush, and an amazing collection of different shades of lip stick, the palette is an incredible investment and gift for the holidays. The palette can be found at multiple stores including Macys, Sephora, & Nordstrom. I bought my particular palette at a local Shoppers 🙂






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