Dars Guide to Bermuda

I have to admit that Bermuda was never really high up on my travel list. Places like Greece, Italy & Amsterdam have always been the places I’ve dreamed of visiting. However, when I got the opportunity to travel to Bermuda I couldn’t say no. In visiting Bermuda, I was completely blown away by the kindness of its people, the pale pink sand, and the incredibly tasting food. Simply put, Bermuda’s beauty cannot be captured in either words or pictures. To give you a brief taste of Bermuda however, the listed below are some of my highlights from the trip:


Glass Bottom Boat Tour:  Originally we ventured out to see the famous Bermuda crystal caves. However, a lovely American couple that we met on the bus told us we had to go for this boat tour instead. Given the fact that this wasn’t the couple’s first time in Bermuda, we decided to follow their advice. The tour was amazing as we got to view brightly coloured coral reefs, a wide variety of the Bermuda fish, and even an 18th century shipwreck right through the glass bottom of the boat. The whole tour was approximately two hours long and as part of the trip we made our way through the Bermuda triangle. We also got to feed the fish which was an amazing experience! One crumble of bread and thousands of tiny fish are at your feet!

Dolphin Quest: It has always been my dream to swim with the dolphins and what better place than Bermuda. While this experience is certainly on the pricier side, I’d highly recommend it to anyone, no matter your age. (Choose the Encounter package to ensure most time with the dolphins as well as more personalized experience). As part of the tour we got to meet four different dolphins each with a different personality. We were able to feed the dolphins, take pictures with them and ask them to show us a variety of their “behaviours”. Tickling a dolphins belly, kissing one on the cheek, playing basketball with them, and seeing one pretend to be a shark are some of the most incredible experiences of my life.  The great thing about this experience is that you don’t need to be a good swimmer (I’m not and survived quite well with the life jacket) and that you can do this during pretty much any time of the year as the wet suit makes you feel warm and toasty regardless the temperature of the water.

Bermuda Lighthouse: Make sure your fit bit is on because this requires you climbing 185 steps to the top. However, it is oh so worth it. Bermuda is stunning with its endless bodies of water and there is absolutely nothing as calming as sitting at one of the highest points in Bermuda, taking in the sunshine and watching the movements in the water.

The Dockyard: Home of the 2017 America’s Cup, the Dockyard is the perfect place to spend your day exploring the shops, tasting the Bermuda’s famous Rum Swissle (hand’s down one of the best drinks I’ve ever tried), and trying out different activities including pottery or scooter driving.


Waterlot Inn: The website claims that this restaurant has been defining Bermuda’s steakhouse experience for nearly 350 years and I can certainly see why. The service at this restaurant was incredible and the steaks were of the highest quality. My favourites however were the table side prepared Ceasar Salad as well as the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Bacci: A taste of Tuscany on the South Shore. The traditional Italian food at Bacci is one of the finest I’ve ever had and I’m still trying to figure out how the chef has mastered the Cheesecake. I’m not kidding. I’ve been one of the biggest fans of the Cheesecake Factory for years but the Bacci Cheesecake..well let’s say it may have won me over.

Newport Gastropub: First of all this restaurant is shaped to look exactly like the inside of a boat. Secondly, their food is beyond incredible. If you do visit this restaurant, I highly recommend the Fancy Pork Ribs as well as the Dark & Stormy Cheesecake.

Marcus’: The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is stunning on its own as the hotel is home to hundreds of incredible pieces of art. Marcus’ is equally striking, featuring a number of pieces by artists including Andy Warhol. The menu is similarly unforgettable for one obvious reason. The chef? Well let’s just say it’s our favourite celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.









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