Dars Review: Christian Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish

The $50 nail polish, ie. the most expensive nail polish in the luxury market as of today. There’s been quite a bit of a debate regarding whether or not this nail polish is really worth it. And let me tell you, no nail polish compares.

Nail polish is really where Christian Louboutin’s career started. The story goes that Louboutin was looking for the perfect final touch for his shoes prototype. Seeing his assistant working on her nails, he grabbed the nail polish bottle from her and painted the soles with the shade of nail polish which would later become his signature. Now Christian Louboutin is “giving back to nails what the shoes took many years ago”. As is with his shoes, the nail polish is a work of art.

First of all, the packaging. The Rouge Louboutin high heel cap measures at a stunning eight inches, the same length as the heel of Louboutin Ballerina Ultimate Shoe. Designed to resemble the calligraphy pens, the nail polish provides a completely different experience for manicuring, making the simple task feel like art. The length of the cap makes it much easier to navigate the paint brush and creates the perfect look in just one swift movement.

I purchased the classic Rouge Louboutin colour as I knew the dark red would be the colour I’d wear most often. With just one coating the colour is a perfect match to the soles of the Louboutin shoes. Likewise, at just one coating the nail polish is extremely durable and feels very much like shellac. To be quite honest, the biggest challenge for me has been to remove the nail polish once bits and pieces of it chipped.

Highly pigmented with a perfect size brush that allows you to colour your nails evenly in just one movement, without creating any streaks, the Christian Louboutin nail polish is an investment I firmly stand by




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