Dars Review: Too Cool for School Egg Cream Masks

Eggs have always been a key ingredient in home made products whether it be for skin, hair or even nails. Eggs whites alone are known to result in numerous benefits including tightening and shrinking of pores, reducing oiliness of skin, and helping get rid of black heads. As such it comes to no surprise that a mask featuring ingredients such as egg yolk, egg white extracts  and coconut water, can in just as little as 20 minutes helps skin feel moisturized as well as appear more radiant and glowing.

Even after one try my skin felt unbelievable. All of the serum from the Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask had fully absorbed into my skin, which is quite different from my experiences with other moisturizing masks where remaining serum usually needs to be wiped off. Additionally my skin felt firmer and it appeared as though the pores have shrunk.

The mask itself is fairly thin and as such needs to be handled with care in order to ensure it doesn’t rip. The thinness of the mask however helps it fit perfectly around the face. Likewise, the mask does not feature an expected egg smell. Instead it has a very light perfume scent.

It was also great to find that the mask leaves your skin with a nice cooling sensation even after being removed. Furthermore, the package does contain a bit of extra serum which provides a great opportunity to moisturize other areas of skin requiring a little help.

Overall, at $6 per sheet mask, this product is definitely worth the purchase. The serum has an incredible impact on your skin. I do however wish it was sold in bottle form as opposed to mask as this would have removed some of the messiness that naturally comes with sheet masks. Given how wet the mask is, even removing it from the packaging alone is quite messy and some of the serum does end up dripping if the product is not applied to skin immediately. If trying the mask for the first time, make sure to do so in the bathroom!




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