Dars Review: The Body Shop- Drops of Light

There is absolutely no girl that doesn’t want to have glowing, radiant skin. That’s why every single commercial out there promises you that their product will result in healthier looking skin. Finding a product that actually helps you achieve that goal however is fairly difficult.

The summer is soon approaching which means one thing. Less make up. With the weather heating up I always try to avoid wearing more make up and follow a more natural beauty routine. This of course means that I want my skin looking its best. The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum is described as a product that replenishes moisture and illuminates skin with using it’s light weight and fast-absorbing serum. After 4 weeks skin is promised to become brighter, healthier, more even toned and clarified, enriched with red algae and vitamin C. Does it actually do as promised? Let’s find out.

The Body Shop Drops of Light comes in a stunning glass bottle with a dropper making this product a beautiful addition to my collection. As soon as you pull off the cap, you are hit with the amazing fragrance of the product. It really does smell like a very light perfume. As it turns out, the product is also absolutely clear. The formula itself is extremely light weight and non-greasy, leaving the skin feeling extremely hydrated post application. I haven’t noticed much change in my pigmentation after applying the product, however my skin is fairly even to begin with so I wasn’t expecting much change.

The product is definitely fairly liquid so the best way to apply it is by placing a few drops on your hand and then smoothing those over your face and skin. I personally like to use this product right before sleep. After applying this product for only a few weeks I’ve definitely noticed my skin become slightly brighter, toned and lose some of it’s dullness.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the product. The price is quite high but considering the size of the product and the fact that you only need a couple drops a day, it is sure to last you for a substantial period of time.

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