Dars Review: NeoStrata Skin Renewal Peel Solution & Cleaning Foaming Water

Walking into Sephora or even Shoppers is often overwhelming. I love a beautiful packaging and am always curious to try new brands. NeoStrata is one of the brands I’d often see in stores and that really peaked my interest. A couple months ago I got an amazing opportunity to try their products and I cant wait to share with you all the details!

Firstly, I was provided the NeoStrata Skin Renewal Peel Solution. NeoStrata describes this product as a professional-grade peel that provides an immediate smoothing effect along with long-term benefits for a renewed, healthier-looking skin with continued use. This one-step peel treatment, inspired by dermatologist offices, is highly concentrated in hydroxy acids to deliver powerful results, yet gentle enough for at home use, with no recovery time necessary. In opening the box you’ll find that it contains the peel solution itself, two packages of cotton swabs and an eyedropper. I’ve heard a lot of people find the cotton swabs and the eye dropper unnecessary as they prefer to use their fingers in applying the products. This is definitely up to everyone’s personal preference. The product does contain a stronger scent, however you get accustomed to it quite quickly after first application. After first application I found the product to help greatly in creating a more radiant, tight skin as well as loosening the dead skin. While certainly on the pricier side, the product is definitely worth the price tag given the fact that it allows you to achieve the salon/spa like peel in the comfort of your own house.

The second product I received from NeoStrata is the Cleansing Foaming Water. NeoStrata describes this product as a foaming water cleanses, soothes and hydrates in one simple step. It also removes makeup and impurities. Suitable for sensitive skin, this product is great for making skin feel baby smooth as well as removing any make up residue. This product does contain 2% Glycolic acid so I would recommend using the product sparingly. I personally prefer to use it only once a week in order to avoid drying out my skin.

Overall, I’d definitely say the NeoStrata products were a great hit with me though if I had to chose, I’d invest in the Skin Renewal Peel Solution. Although it’s quite costly at the $75, I found it to be most effective and beneficial for my sensitive skin.







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