Dars Review: Maybelline MasterBlush Colour and Highlight Kit

Maybelline is one of the brands I absolutely love because it is can be easily found pretty much anywhere. Instead of having to venture out to a Sephora, I can easily drop by the Shoppers or Rexall on my way to work and find everything I need. This week I was given the opportunity to try out Maybelline’s MasterBlush Colour and Highlight Kit and dare I say it? I love it.

Finding a great blush palette is difficult. You’re really looking for a set that will give you a lit from within, natural glow. Nothing too streaky or too sparkly. The Maybelline MasterBlush Colour & Highlight Kit achieves just that at a great price. First of all the colours. The palette provides 3 blush colours of varying shades as well as one highlighter. Between the three colours, you are sure to find one you are absolutely going to love. It really is a fantastic incorporation of both warmer and cooler shades with just a hint of shimmer to brighten your complexion. The colours have great pigmentation and are also extremely easy to apply. The only thing missing from the palette is a brush.

One thing to point out is that I did find that the colours don’t blend extremely well. Personally, I never blend my blushes so I didn’t find this to be much of an issue.

Overall, at a price of $12.99 the palette is a great value and perfect for daily use, making your cheeks look radiant with some subtle colour.






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